Due to security concerns with Java running in browsers, it is no longer
supported to play Renaissance Quest inside Firefox or Internet Explorer.

You will need to download and run the software using one of the
following methods.

NOTE! Renaissance Quest currently only runs on Windows!!!

Get The ISO File

Right-click the link below then click SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS,
and you can get an ISO file which you can use to make a CD or DVD
that plays the game.


Once you have downloaded and saved the chosen file you can just
double-click that file on your PC and Windows
will guide you through writing a disk.

Users with late versions of Windows can click on the ISO file and mount it
without having to actually write a CD!

Open the CD or mounted Disk in Windows Explorer and double-click the
"rq" (or "rq.bat"file) and the game will start.

ISO File (RQ_00.50.03_20230920.iso)
Create A Folder On Your PC With The Software

If you are somewhat technical and can't / don't want to write a disk,
right-click the link below then click SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS,
This will save a ZIP file which when double-clicked will present you
with a folder containing the RQ software. You can drag this folder onto
your desktop or other convenient place, then run the game from this folder.
This will get you the VERY LATEST software available.

ZIP File to create a folder for RQ (RQ_00.50.03_20230920.zip)
Get A CD or DVD Send Via US Mail

If you send a request to renaissancequest@gmail.com, the operators
will mail you a disk. You will also be put on our mailing list to get a
new disk mailed when there are updates. Be sure to include your mailing
address and your choice of CD or DVD. This is a limited time offer.

Web-Based Download Installer

We are currently working to create an installer, like other games and products
use. But this may take us some time. We are not supporting it yet.

We appreciate your patience, and your willingness to help us get RQ back operational.